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These guys took care of my Jeep. They said they could replace my radiator by the end of the day & they got it done even faster than expected. Also, they charged me over $100 less than the other quotes I got. I will definitely bring my Jeep back to them when any other service is needed & definitely recommend their service center to anyone looking for honest mechanics that get the job done right the first time.

– Walter Mueller Jr

If you are looking for trusted mechanics, look no further! Let’s start with the superficial stuff. There is cold water, coffee, hot chocolate, a t.v. with Netflix and a nice little waiting room. Now for what matters… After sitting in the lobby for a couple of hours as Dan Lane worked on my car I was able to listen to Cory (the owner) talk to different auto part dealers, shopping for the lowest prices for various parts cars were needing. As one of the technicians came back in with car keys after completing work, I hear Cory say. “Make sure we aren’t charging her for a full hour of labor as it only took us a half an hour.” I like knowing that he is being honest and fair when he doesn’t think anyone is paying attention. Simply put, they’ve got INTEGRITY. With me, Cory took the time to explain what happened to the car, the repairs that were made, and then focus my attention to what I should do in the future to ensure my mom’s car would keep running well. He gave me a short list, and told me what we could hold off on for now and what should be budgeted for as it would be an issue if neglected. As the check engine light was on and the reason for my visit, they completed a comprehensive inspection, installed a new Canister Purge Valve, changed my oil and filter, rotated the tires, and removed a small nail in the front right tire, then repairing the tire. Suffice it to say, these guys truly are GREAT! Make them your first and final stop when shopping whom to trust with your car and your wallet.
– Adam McCrow

This guy is so kind, knowledgeable, and selfless. I came in for a headlight repair after being pulled over even though I had recently had my bulb replaced. He found and fixed a problem that was overlooked previously by another shop, and he charged me NOTHING. He was hospitable and generous and asked for nothing in return. I hope his business continues to succeed.
– Rahale Getnet

Great experience, they were quick, efficient, and even pointed out some things that might become issues in the future. Best of all? They weren’t pushy about additional work my car might need. They simply told me what the problems were and quoted me a price. That right there ensures that I will go back to have those repairs done when the time comes. Highly recommend these guys.
– Andrew Cataldo

These guys are great! I usually hate going to the mechanics, but not in this case. They are polite, competent, and go the extra mile. I love the quotes they give you for work that needs done; it’s all clearly typed up, the why’s and how’s, plus a link to see pictures of what’s wrong. Another wonderful bonus: I needed to go to SFCC, and they had someone drive me there during my oil change!
– Ernestine Snyder