Reliable Brake Repair in Spokane

Save More Automotive offers complete brake service in Spokane, including inspection, repair and fluid exchange. We have sophisticated, computerized diagnostic equipment and specialize in ABS (anti-lock braking system) inspection and repair. Our technicians are ASE Certified including a Master Level Certified Technician.

About Brakes in Spokane and Service Requirements

Since vehicles in our area often drive on hilly terrain and in the mountains, brakes in Spokane get a real workout. And because of the terrain, it’s all the more important to keep brakes in Spokane, WA in top condition at all times.

When you bring your vehicle in, we’ll give it a complete inspection of your brake system, to make sure we’ve completely diagnosed all issues before recommending or starting any repairs. Our brake service in Spokane includes:

  • A complete inspection — something you should have at least every year or every 12,000. Remember that driving through mountains and/or stop-and-go driving make your brakes work harder.
  • Repairs, including drums, hardware and rotors.
  • Pad replacement.
  • Brake Rotor replacement or machine resurface / refinish (commonly referred to as turning rotors).
  • Brake fluid exchange — If you’re not sure if your vehicle is due or which fluid to use, our team will have that information and can test your fluid for you.
  • ABS brake repair. ABS brakes rely on advanced, computer, hydraulics and electrical components to automate brake functions we used to handle manually. We are highly experienced in the inspection and repair of these complex ABS systems. Don’t take chances or wait for your “ABS” light to come on: Bring your vehicle in now for a complete ABS diagnostic.

All work performed at Save More Automotive comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile parts warranty on most repairs.

Plus, we start every job with a COMPLETE safety & maintenance inspection of your entire vehicle to make sure you are aware of every potential issue related to performance and safety.

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