Fluid Leaks & Detection

If you’ve noticed fluid leaking from your vehicle, contact Save More Automotive as soon as possible. Fluid leaks can indicate a number of problems, some of them serious. Basically, there are seven types of fluid leaks:

  1. Water leaks, which may be caused by a bad hose in the coolant system. Many times, however, water is merely condensation from the air conditioning unit.
  2. Oil leaks, which can come from any number of places in the vehicle, should be checked out immediately — however, it’s not a good idea to drive if your vehicle is low on oil, as it may cause major engine damage.
  3. Coolant/antifreeze leaks, which can also originate in several places, most often appear under the radiator. Coolant leaks have a distinct odor; if you are driving, watch your temperature gauge to avoid overheating your engine.
  4. Transmission fluid leaks, may be red, pink or brown, may be hard to distinguish from oil. If you suspect a transmission fluid leak, get in touch with us immediately. Low transmission fluid can destroy your transmission and result in costly repairs.
  5. Power steering fluid leaks are also hard to spot. Difficulty steering at low speed, or hearing noises while turning can be signs of a leak.
  6. Brake fluid leaks, clear or yellow in color, can cause your hydraulic system to fail. Do not drive if you suspect a brake fluid leak and contact us right away.
  7. Gasoline leaks are fairly easy to identify because of the smell. Gas leaks can be serious, so again, contact us so we can best direct you on how to proceed.

Save More Automotive has been diagnosing and repairing automotive leaks in Spokane for 29 years. Our technicians are ASE Certified (including a Master Level Certified Tech), and our work comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile parts and labor warranty on most repairs.

Also, every job we do starts with a complete inspection of your vehicle. That way, we can alert you to any issues that may affect performance or safety on the road.

Don’t take chances with your vehicle.

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